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The heart is a seat of bringing forth new things.   The heart is your Spirit. The truth is if your heart isn’t right then there can’t be anything new in your life.  This means that our spirit needs to be right and proper; not only the things we do and the way we do things must be right but even our spirit with which we do things must be right.  It’s not about merely doing the right thing in the right way, but it is about doing the right thing in the right way and in the right spirit.


For us to have a right spirit we need to deal with our heart and motives so that they may be right and proper. It is easy to proclaim and declare the scriptures of Faith, Victory and blessings, but what does our heart really say? 
You can say you are the head not the tail all day long, but what does your heart say. We must contend for a right spirit, we cannot experience victory with a wrong corrupted spirit.

Jeremiah 17:10 – I the LORD search the heart, try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, [and] according to the fruit of his doings. This implies that your heart and spirit towards everything around you determines the level of the fruits and results that you produce.

 We are comfortable with our old wineskins because it gives us the feeling that we are in control. Where men are in control, God is not! He is forced to leave those old wineskins behind and find new ones to pour the new thing He is doing into.

The bible speaking that since you have a regenerated spirit in Christ old things have passed away and all things have become new. It supposes the destruction or removal of the old man and the creation of the new—this new thing being the workmanship of God, the production of the Holy Spirit. Newness of nature, or heart, of life, of words, of the entire being, is the basis of all religion and true worship. 

The nature of Christ’s continued working in us is to make all things new within and without.
God is about to do a new thing!

 Prayer Point: Father, input in me a new Heart and a new Spirit in the name Jesus!

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